Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014-07-22 Miramachi Bay Anchorage to Summerside, PEI

Sunrise...and we're off and going!  Just lots of water today as we cross the Northumberland Strait over to Prince Edward Island. 

As we see landscape of PEI off to Port...we see more and more energy-cranking windmills.

Reddish-colored cliffs of PEI - we're headed into the little town of Summerside.



2014-07-21 Port de Chandler to Portage Island, Miramachi Bay, NB

We left Chandler, Quebec and headed into English speaking territory once again - Miramachi Bay, New Brunswick.  Texas Ranger left the marina first and leads the way today.


We are at anchor Ron got out his fishin' pole!! 
Sunsets have been gorgeous!

When we got up in the morning, discovered that Miramachi Bay must be one of the mosquito capitals of the world!  :-0





2014-07-20 Jacques-Cartier de Gaspe' to Marina du Vieux, Port de Chandler

Leaving the Gaspe Bay, and headed toward Port de Chandler...(we're now thinking something is not right with our camera...too many 'hazy' pictures).

More scenic waterfalls...

The famous "hole in the rock" Perce Rock...



The Perce Rock was amazing to see!



The hole looks big enough to drive the boat right through, but you cannot...due to rocks below, and depths.

This is Ile Bonaventure - an island that is the breeding grounds for over 50,000 northern gannets (and yes, you could even 'smell' them)!  Look closely to see the birds in the indented fissures and ledges in the rock - this is the largest colony of these birds in the Atlantic.




On the other side of Perce Rock - this rock is one of Canada's most famous 'natural' landmarks, and one that is frequently photographed.




Dockside in the marina in Port de Chandler - welcoming staff helped us in this shallow marina.  We could see bottom once docked - Texas Ranger stayed 'out' on a dock toward the outside of the marina.  Ron and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at the marina restaurant.


Colorful homes dot the town landscape.

View of the little marina from the deck of the restaurant.


A Krogen Cruiser Captain!  :-)