Monday, May 26, 2014

2014-05-26 Delaware City to Cape May


Leaving Delaware City to cross the Delaware Bay.  Scroll to the bottom here and you can see our 'path' today...we are crossing the Bay into Cape May, NJ. 




We let the 'big boys' pass us...and indeed, they are 'HUGE'!






Today's journey.  We had smooth seas and made good time.

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014-05-23 Havre de Grace to Delaware City Marina

We left Havre de Grace, MD and headed to meet up with our buddy boat, Texas Ranger, to traverse the "C & D Canal" (Chesapeake and Delaware Canal).   It's a beautiful day today!



Others are out fishing today...

Lots of 'flotsam' in the water today...sticks and logs just a floatin' along...


(As you'll note, we will post lots of pictures of lighthouses.)




In the always, taking pictures of interesting homes along the way.

And other boats, we're seeing all kinds today.




Commercial freighter coming toward us...

We rendezvoused with Texas Ranger at the beginning of the Canal as they stayed another night on the Sassafras rather than going to Havre de Grace.  Here they are coming up behind us - they have the same type of boat as we do, but theirs has two engines. 


Coming in to our marina for a few nights, Delaware City Marina, just north of the C & D Canal on the Delaware Bay side.

Charming Delaware City...





This was our marina...all docked in a row.  Went to a restaurant tonight where they gave us free "crab ball appetizers" - yummy!

This was our 'path'...we motored from the Sassafras River (shown as the bottom line); northwest to Havre de Grace, MD...then retraced our steps a bit to move eastbound thru the C & D Canal. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014-05-22 Sassafras River to Havre de Grace


Leaving the Sassafras River, our buddy boaters, Richard and Kay of Corpus Christi, TX, took a picture of us as we passed by.  They decided to spend another night on the beautiful Sassafras.

Here's their boat , "Texas Ranger; yes, it's a Kadey Krogen too! 
 We motored up to Havre de Grace, MD (pronounced locally as 'haver-dee-grayce") and here's the marina where we docked.
Main Street of town; we stopped and had a great lunch at a local restaurant, but as you can see a storm was brewing.


Sunshine peeping through again!