Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014-07-18 Riviere au Renard to Club Nautique Jacques, Cartier de Gaspe

Today:  Leaving St. Anne-des-Monts marina, and heading around the most eastern tip of the St. Lawrence River...and into Gaspe Bay.

The scenery along the Gaspe peninsula and the bay is stunning!


This "point" of land marks the most eastern 'tip' of the Gaspe.



Our marina in the town of Gaspe.  Spirit Journey is docked in front of Texas Ranger - on this outer dock, they had a neat docking system where they could change out the size of the cleats, depending on the size of the boat to be tied-up.
Took a little walk into the center of town - just charming!

The 'inner basin' part of the marina where we are docked.


Part of a historical reenactment...of the landing of Jacques Cartier.


Yes, that's a "Tim Horton's" in the background.  And alas, this town hosted the first McDonald's we had seen since Quebec City.


This cross commemorates the landing of Jacques Cartier!

A fisherwoman???  :-)  Artwork in a park near the marina...

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