Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 25, 2013 Oxford, MD Exploration

The owners of the marina are towing some new floating docks to their new home.

Lookin' pretty!

We grabbed a couple of bicycles and we're off around the town of Oxford.  This is their ferry landing, across from the Robert Morris Inn.  The ferry crosses the river to St. Michael's, MD.


The Robert Morris Inn - where we had lunch on the porch.  That's Ron in the blue shirt in the middle of the picture.  Our chicken salad sandwich w/homemade potato chips lunch was yummy.  This Inn is where author James Michener came frequently as he was writing the book, Chesapeake. 
The Inn's Bloody Mary's are well-liked by many according to the waitress.  Ron had to try one out and he agreed - tasty, tasty!

Charming streets and homes...picket fences, in the "Oxford fence" style, are all around town.

The ferry.

Little outbuilding near the ferry dock.

This little building was the "Custom House".


Interesting placement for a home's chimney, we thought.

And yes, the Oxford fence.  It is a style with the curved tops, with a hole in the middle.


There are several marinas and parks in town.  We bicycled to take a quick peek at most of the beautiful vistas.

Another charming church...

Charming houses with charming picket fences...all around town!


Lovely stone church...view from the back.

View from the front.

Beside the church was a memorial garden, overlooking the water.  A wonderful place of solitude.




It's been awhile since we've ridden bikes routinely, so on our 1.5 mile (?...maybe 1.0 mile?) trip back to the dock...I had to walk a bit...that seat was small and hard.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 24, 2013 St Mary's River to Oxford, MD Marina

We stayed around Horseshoe Bend for a second night...took the dinghy for a ride to 'stretch our legs'.  Stopped by some neighboring, anchored boats for a brief 'hello'. 

The college kids were out sailing today...


Not the best picture, but believe it or not, we pulled the anchor up in the dark around 5:30 am and headed out...thank goodness for GPS...and we were on our way to Oxford, MD.

The sunrise is starting to peek through.



 we had our jackets on for sure, it was just easier to see from the fly bridge....


Headed back out onto the Bay

Nice smooth water... but it didn't last for long...


We still have the red compass light on...



Sun is behind the small grove of trees....



Water sparkling like a girl's best friend (diamonds..)

Bay area lighthouses...


We're in for a 'roller ride' today...4 - 5 foot waves...with 15 to 25 knot winds most of the morning and early afternoon.....


Choppy waters and whitecaps...

The chop eventually mellowed as we came into the Choptank River, and we got safely into Campbell's Bachelor Point Marina in Oxford under sunny sky and calm winds and current. 

The marina is a nice one!

They have courtesy bicycles and we'll be off tomorrow to explore the town!

September 22, 2013 Canoe Neck Creek to St. Mary's River

Back at the Canoe Neck Creek area for anchorage for the night.  We think it's beautiful and serene here.

Up and going and back to cruisin' the next morning.

Smooth seas today!

Fish nets...



Passing a little church along the way...the old colonial churches are charming!



We are beginning to see a lot more sailboats on the Chesapeake!

Interesting homes along the way too!

We are traveling up the St. Mary's River, to St. Mary's, MD.  We'll be anchoring in Horseshoe Bend for a couple of nights.

Anchored in the "Bend". 

The sailing center of St. Mary's College.


We took the dinghy to St. Mary's College sailing center and then got off for a short walk to the campus.  The College is a public honors college - a liberal arts school - one of the tops in the nation.  The campus was very nice with many colonial touches. 

Not the Seattle Seahawks, but the St. Mary's College Seahawks.

We went to the campus market for a few basic provisions which included a snack for Ron.

More campus scenery.

Flowers still in bloom.


Adjacent to the college campus is the 1676 "Statehouse" part of St. Mary's historic village.

Stopping by another quaint church.

The Ark and the Dove were two ships that first landed colonists in Maryland.  A replica of the Dove is docked at the foot of the hill of the historic village.


Another campus building - the Calvert building.


The Episcopal church's cemetery overlooking the water...yes, that's Spirit Journey way in the distance.

We always enjoy churches' architectures.


Azaleas, mums and other flora all blossoming at the same time!

Heading back to the boat...

Darn it, we missed the chicken dinner today...

This is the little house and 'drive thru' where you pick-up your chicken dinners.




Sailboats resting at the sailing center...

A friend resting outside the sailing center...


This is the replica of The Dove.  It is AMAZING to us the stamina, dedication and determination early colonists had to travel 90+ days enroute to the new land on these sizes and types of ships. 

We have been blessed with exquisite sunsets.  And, the days and nights are getting cooler...

we're noticing leaves starting to turn...

Sweet dreams...