Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013 - Day Five

We had such a delightful time with Lisa and Lucas introducing us to “their city” – and our enjoyment of history – we decided to spend an extra partial day in St. Augustine today.  We caught an extra 40-winks this morning, took care of ‘housekeeping chores’, and had a ‘real’ breakfast.  Then, in early afternoon we “dinghy-ed” (not sure if this is a word, but I like to take license with new word creation anyway…like “Bombeckian” – in the spirit of Erma Bomeck; or “nichefy” – to search for one’s niche), into the marina for more of a look-see around town, and ended up taking a red-train tour of the city’s historical landmarks.  Wowee – we both learned a great deal and were fascinated with all the interesting facts!  Ron insisted that he never learned about Juan Ponce de Leon and other Spanish explorers while in elementary/junior high/high school but I’m guessing that rather, he simply had “more important” things on his mind at the time.  ;-)  However, it was very apparent that I had ‘missed’ a lot of history lessons from school days too!  We also toured “El Galeon” a replica of a ship that traveled the coasts of Florida between the 16th and 18th centuries transporting soldiers, colonists, and goods between America and Europe; Spain’s need for an ocean-crossing cargo ship capable of fending off pirates.


Woodworkers take note:  we saw a stunning 600-year old tree!  Yes, we’re taking pictures of interesting “wood” related items along the way and will post (a wood fish; an interesting design of a rocking chair, and so forth); found a quilt shop today but alas it was closed – once I finally get “the sewing room” set up on the boat, we’ll post a picture.     


Last, but not least, we’re moored at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina which we think has been great and has a really terrific and helpful staff!
This is the 0 mile marker for








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