Thursday, September 25, 2014

2014-07-06 Chambly to the Richelieu River and onto the St Lawrence River

Ok, pics are a little out of sequence here; bear with me...  A view of the town of Chambly after we have 'locked down' from the three-step lock.  Entering the Richelieu River...


So many of the Canadian towns have churches with absolutely exquisite spires - we found ourselves taking pictures of many of these beautiful pieces of architecture!  They are landmarks noted on charts as well, so they help guide us. 

Many homes along the way boast bright colors!

Looking back to our 'exit' from the 'three-step lock' in Chambly. 
A small ferry along the way.

This is the three-step lock that is being opened for us in Chambly.  You can see the two attendants turning the crank to open the doors of the lock.

After exiting the lock, the historic Fort du Chambly is in view.

On the Richelieu
Into the St. Lawrence...














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