Monday, June 1, 2015

2014-07-27 Havre Boucher, NS to Cape George Harbour, NS


 At anchor in Havre Boucher, NS...that's Texas Ranger behind us at anchor.

 On our way - we are headed for the Bras d'Or Lakes of Nova Scotia - in the northern part of the province.  Captain Ron is looking forward to visiting the Lakes as he has heard a great deal of good about them; we're hoping the weather forecast will cooperate.

 Under this bridge and then we will need to pass through a canal...then officially will be in the Bras d'Or Lakes!

Entering the lock/canal...

Tied-up at the lock wall; Texas Ranger behind us. 

Gates opening to let us out...


After we left the lock, the lockmasters had to hop into their truck and drive down the road to open the next bridge for us - they do dual duty a lockmasters and bridgemasters!  You'll note we are approaching a swing style bridge.

 The bridge passage "officially" lets us into the Bras d'Or region of Nova Scotia.

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