Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wed., 5/22 - Spent an extra day in Vero Beach, and enjoyed a nice walk by the ocean!

Lots of boutique style apparel and gift shops lined the main drag  at Vero Beach – but we conveniently didn’t arrive until after they were closed – it saves money and storage challenges that way!

 Ron got a ride on a relative of a constant friends who joint us as we cruise north – what fun they are to watch!


 Thursday, 5/23 – Up early and ‘on the road’ around 8 am to calm waters and serene scenery!  Didn’t see any manatees today either; only a few dolphins but lots of dive-bombing-for-fish-pelicans and osprey. 


Captain Michele ran brought the Spirit Journey right up the ICW in great shape.  She is also getting to be quite the chart reader! 
 We’re deciding that early mornings are our favorite times of the day!  Bagels, hot coffee and from the flybridge 'life looks just a little better'!
We passed under numerous bridges and cruised thru some tight channels for the Spirit Journey’s 53 overall length.  We just keep taking pictures of birds…


One thing that stood out to use today is the number of US flags we see along the way!  Home after home, communities, parks, boats and docks - it's so great to see such visual signs of the American Spirit throughout the day!

Our 57 mile cruise today averaged some 7.5 mph and seemed to just fly by.  We ended today at Cocoa in front of an oncoming thunderstorm.  NSAS as scheduled to fire off a rocket today and we wanted to get a front row seat and given the radio broadcasts this was about as close as we were going to get today.  Our first alone-attempt at anchoring the Spirit Journey took a couple of attempts in lite wind and current.   Our timing was great as we put almost all things away  just in time for a wonderful wind, thunderstorm and lightening show.  Had hoped to view a rocket launch that was scheduled for Cape Canaveral – the honchos must have postponed due to the inclement weather. 

(Oh, the ‘almost all things away’ before the storm part…. We’ll, Captain Ron didn’t secure a hatch cover and 1 front bow cushion… which are now floating somewhere in the ICW…….. ooouch!)




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