Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday June 8, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Departing and heading for our next opening to the sea.... we were tempted to 'go outside' for a spin but decided we would put that adventure off for another more calm day....

Up around 7 am, got off the mooring ball by 9 am, and headed north toward Georgia!  The GA portion of the ICW that we have seen so far has been less ‘civilized’.  More “natural” surroundings along the way, together with a few porpoises and one wild horse!  

 Our first look at the Navy Sub base... we didn't venture too close.... looked a little intimidating....

Given the number of 'groundings' we had seen and heard about in this area we talked with the US. Tow Boat teams along the way to confirm best routes and marker locations.  In some of the larger Sounds / Ocean inlets it can get a little

confusing with which marker is which, add a little traffic, some wind and waves and a dash of current and what seemed 'tranquil' going in gets a little hectic.  Michele is doing a great job with navigation and is right on top of keeping the markers checked off our charts and knowing which is the next one we should be looking for.  Fortunately, for our insurance company, everyone around us and our blood pressures -  we spent some more of the kids inheritance before we left Seattle on a great pair of binoculars which have been just great and makes navigation a little more enjoyable!

  We anchored near Jekyll Island and dinghyed ashore to check out the Island’s famous “Millionaires’ Village”.   It is here that the Goodyear, Rockefeller, Ogelthorpe, Crane (yes, think bathroom fixtures) and several other families built summer “cottages” (much less ornate than the ‘cottages’ you find in Newport, RI, however).  One of these restored historic structures is now the luxurious Jekyll Island Club Hotel and as we walked by, there were numerous hotel guests playing croquet on the hotel’s ‘front lawn.’   After this needed 3.5 mile walk, we grabbed a nice cold ice tea at SeaJay’s near the marina where we docked the dinghy; then headed back to Spirit Journey for an early evening. 

From our anchorage we have a great northern view... we'll head there 0700....

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