Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 25, 2013 Oxford, MD Exploration

The owners of the marina are towing some new floating docks to their new home.

Lookin' pretty!

We grabbed a couple of bicycles and we're off around the town of Oxford.  This is their ferry landing, across from the Robert Morris Inn.  The ferry crosses the river to St. Michael's, MD.


The Robert Morris Inn - where we had lunch on the porch.  That's Ron in the blue shirt in the middle of the picture.  Our chicken salad sandwich w/homemade potato chips lunch was yummy.  This Inn is where author James Michener came frequently as he was writing the book, Chesapeake. 
The Inn's Bloody Mary's are well-liked by many according to the waitress.  Ron had to try one out and he agreed - tasty, tasty!

Charming streets and homes...picket fences, in the "Oxford fence" style, are all around town.

The ferry.

Little outbuilding near the ferry dock.

This little building was the "Custom House".


Interesting placement for a home's chimney, we thought.

And yes, the Oxford fence.  It is a style with the curved tops, with a hole in the middle.


There are several marinas and parks in town.  We bicycled to take a quick peek at most of the beautiful vistas.

Another charming church...

Charming houses with charming picket fences...all around town!


Lovely stone church...view from the back.

View from the front.

Beside the church was a memorial garden, overlooking the water.  A wonderful place of solitude.




It's been awhile since we've ridden bikes routinely, so on our 1.5 mile (?...maybe 1.0 mile?) trip back to the dock...I had to walk a bit...that seat was small and hard.



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