Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2013-10-29 Solomon's Island & Mini Cascade High Reunion

Allen Palmer, 12 year classmate at Cascade High joined us for an evening.  We had a 'minature' 50 year class reunion and talked about good ole' Cascade High.  Allen, semi-retired Professor at Brigham Young University,  had accepted an Honored Chair position for a year at Loyola University. 


Allen shared pictures of his wonderful family and his travels around the world.  He's served on numerous missions for his church as well as teaching and consulting assignments for higher education and federal agencies.
Michele found this picture which hangs in our salon... we thought it reflected our life philosophy a lot.


We had a diver clean under the boat for the first time since launch in late April.  Reports was everything was pretty clean down there.... tribute to staying on the move.....
Ron's done a lot of different things along the way but made clear this is one trade he was glad to have never had!  The divers that do this work have an extremely physical job and in what can be a very dangerous work environment. 

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