Sunday, June 21, 2015

2014-08-16 Exporation of Wooden Boat School and Magazine, Babson Island

OOOooopps, I'm a little out of sequence here (a day or two off)...this was our day exploring The Wooden Boat School and their publication offices.  (They publish Wooden Boat Magazine - and of course, we carry that magazine at your favorite Woodcraft store in Seattle.)

Scenes from around our anchorage...

Yes, if you haven't already noticed, Ron likes to take pictures of her!!

On shore, the WBS was getting ready that night for an Open House and Lobster Fest.  They cook the lobsters in big heated using these ol' drums as the burners.
The boat school's "dock office".

Enjoying the view in the gardens at the publication office - a lovely, old home - they gave us a tour.

Workrooms at the school.

As they say, you can never have enough clamps.

Of course, we have to take pictures of some woodworking tools...

This is where they will be hosting the lobster fest.  The path leads down to our anchorage...we'll head back to get in the dingy to go to back to the boat.

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