Sunday, June 21, 2015

2014-08-18 Seal Bay to Maple Juice Cove

OK, so now we are back on track.  After leaving the Wooden Boat School, we then anchored in Seal Bay.  Today, we left Seal Bay and are headed toward our anchorage at Maple Juice Cove.  Exploring this beautiful coast of Maine has been a joy!

We enjoy watching the lobster boats, but it is a two person job to drive the boat and help watch for lobster trap markers.  They are everywhere!  This boat was the popular one as they were throwing some of their extra bait overboard to the birds' delight.

OK, so all of these pictures are quintessential pictures of the Maine Coast as we travel to Maple Juice Cove.  (Even the names, "Seal Bay" and "Maple Juice Cove" scream 'Maine' to me.)

Our radar screen with the aft deck camera activated.

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