Friday, September 19, 2014

2014-06-21 Half Moon Bay to Athans, NY

Leaving Half Moon Bay Marina, and northward bound up the Hudson.

Scenery is absolutely beautiful!

The buildings as we approach West Point.

West Point campus.

 A special message on one side of the roof..."Beat Navy" is on the other side.


An abandoned "castle"...
Look closely...there are swimmers in the water!

They were 'racing' as part of a swim between various bridges.

Smooth waters today...

River tour boat closer to CIA and Hyde Park area.

CIA from the river view...

Barge traffic...
 Boat traffic...


Hudson has been fascinating to see the variety of lighthouses along this journey.



We are guided by many markers along the way:  red triangles, green squares.  They are numbered, and will 'flip' sides generally depending on our direction:  sometimes the red triangles are on our port side, sometimes they are on the starboard.   We are careful to watch our charts and plotter for additional guidance.




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