Friday, September 19, 2014

2014-06-28 Kingsland Bay, VT, Anchorage

We were grateful to have met Quebec residents, Pierre and Danielle, who anchor in the area frequently.  They showed us around the bay in their boat, as we rode in our dinghy. 

Champlain boat at a maritime museum.

The grounds of the Basin Harbor Club.  Pierre, Danielle, Ron and I, went there for lunch.  It is a 'classic' summer resort!

The main resort building.  On the grounds are a golf course, airstrip, several restaurants and recreational areas for the lake.  A daily posting is made in the lobby to announce the guests that are expected in that day.

Pierre, me, Ron
Danielle and us.

Wedding venue...
Lots of lake toys...

"Real" Adirondack chairs!  :-)

Leaving the resort, we cruised over to a NY side of the lake.  The top of this rock provides a diving platform for some adventurers.

The rock walls are beautiful!


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