Monday, June 3, 2013

June 1 - a great Kick-Back Day!

Saturday, June 1st
Kind of a kick-back day:  Ron got up and went bass fishing – caught one fish!  When I asked him how big it was (before he showed me), he said it was ‘less than 15 lbs!” It’s now filleted and in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night – probably as an appetizer (read:  it was a small catfish). 
 I took care of some housekeeping around the boat, and some ‘work stuff’ this morning.    We then hopped in the dingy and continued up the St. John’s River to Georgetown (up the river in this sense is like going down the river as we proceeded further south)…unlike the advice another boater had given us, we didn’t find much there.  The local marina where we stopped did have bait and tackle supplies – so Ron’s future fishing necessities and requirements (his FL license had expired and we then learned from what we read, he got ‘free’ fishing due to the FL age exemption, but as the Fish and Game officials this morning pointed out when they stopped to check his license, the ‘free’ status applies only to FL residents) were purchased (no, they did not give me a ticket.... just told me to keep fishing, where to fish and wished me luck.... and told me they would see me tomorrow as they motored off....) 
With darkening skies looming, we decided to hustle back to the Welaka area, and ended up having a late lunch/early dinner at a local BBQ place up the street from the city boat ramp – very clean and very tasty.  Ron had a ½ rack rib basket, with onion rings, and used their “FL Tangy” BBQ sauce, and I had a pulled pork sandwich with FF, and used their “Memphis Sweet” BBQ sauce.  And, we got in a little needed walking exercise.  Three alligators took a slow swim somewhat near the boat tonight…and a beautiful sunset completed the day after some light rain showers.   This is also a manatee area, but we haven’t seen any nearby as we have been anchored,


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