Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

We left our anchorage outside Jekyll Island around 8:30 am – this anchoring procedure is giving us lots of practice and we’re slowly getting our ‘Mars/Venus’ coordination working together better with hand signals and the like.  (BTW, we also have a pair of headsets with remotes that we have used each time we’re heading into, or out of, a ‘real’ dock and for us, those have so far been a good help for us with our communications.)   One of the smarter things we have done was to anchor on the south side of Jekyll Island and then proceed northbound via Jekyll Creek at high tide.
We then continued to ‘mosey’ down some very serene Georgia rivers…interestingly, since southerners are known for their cooking and hospitality among other strengths, many of the rivers and creeks we went on or by today had “food or food-related names”:   “Old Teakettle Creek”, “Buttermilk Sound”, and currently we are anchored for the night near the “Pumpkin Hammock” on the Duplin River. 
Our ‘wood’ connection for the day was the fact that we cruised by “Jointer Creek”.    We also took a diversion trip out into the Atlantic – it sure looked smooth and glassy from our vantage point at the time we made the decision to go, but when we got out there Ron said the waves were something less than 12 feet, and ‘rolling’ .....  they didn't look that big from the fly bridge but they did look big from down in the guest room windows which are only a few feet above the water line.....


Lot's of this type of scenery today, miles and miles of wetlands and little slews and coves... many filled with fishermen in small boats.

We were tickled to see so many dolphins playing in front of the boat, beside the boat, and this evening, on the backside of the boat.  Most of the ones we saw today were in groups of three or more!  A nice easy day, and we were lucky to have averted some thunderstorms so far it seems.
Hard to pass up another picture of a lighthouse

Here was a 'fixer-upper' we found hiding along on the water front... several of these around.

Our evening anchorage, nice when the wind dropped below 20 kts momentarily about 1700 hours....  expecting some rain and wind later in the evening / morning hours.

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