Thursday, September 5, 2013

Septemer 4, 2013 Mattawoman Creek to Washington Yacht Club DC

(OK, now we had a little difficulty loading the pictures today, so if you desire some kind of "order" and want to make lemonade out of lemons, then just move your cursor to the bottom of the page and work your way up.   Thanks for understanding.)   Night-time view from our dockage at the Capital Yacht Club.  Yes, that's the Washington Monument lighted up to the pinnacle.  (However, it is still being repaired and their is scaffolding on every side - more visible in the daytime.)

The National Cathedral sits high on a hill...


Near our dockage...

Reagan National Airport is almost 'right across' the river from where we are docked.

Washington Monument with scaffolding...

The beautiful dome of the Capitol in sight!


Shots from both sides of the Potomac...the historical to the...

newer technologies!

Smoother seas and less wind as we get nearer to the nation's capital!

Alexandria, VA

Here we go!

On the shore in Alexandria...looks "old" but we haven't been able to accurately identify what I relates to.

Some Alexandria skyline shots...newer development, obviously.

Just rounded the bend, and here is the Woodrow Wilson Bridge...Alexandria, VA is to the left, and Washington, D.C., lies straight ahead!


Views of Ft. Washington...

A marker at the shoreline base of ol' Ft. Washington.

A "houseboat" getting towed...

Ah yes, beautiful Mt. Vernon itself!  We may have to take our dingy in, as the waters there (as reported on the charts), may be a little skimpy for our 5' draft. 

More lovely homes...

Beautiful and LARGE homes along the way...these are a little closer to Mt. Vernon area.

The Potomac gets narrower and we enjoy more of the scenery as a result.

Heading back out to the Potomac - northward bound to the great city of Washington, D.C.!  Both Ron and I love Washington!

Unused buoys line the shore.

Good morning to you, good morning to you!  An early start - leaving Mattawoman anchorage we had smooth water, and a bit of a breeze.

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