Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 18 - 20 Norfolk and Battleship Wisconsin

On our way back to Nauticus today, to take a harbor cruise as well as tour "64" the battleship Wisconsin.

Scenes from the Harbor Cruise...
The largest Naval hospital/medical center in the world!


The commerce that passes through these "Hampton Roads" ports is amazing!

A navy ship in drydock for repair.


A harbor touring ship...

The navy's "place" - a dock - to 'de-magnetize' ships.


The "Comfort" medical ship

US Navy battleships, destroyers, subs, and aircraft carriers at docks...amazing statistics for each of these sea-going vessels!

A Navy "supplies" ship!

The Dwight D. Eishenhower aircraft carrier...amazing!  (See the "IKE" on the bridge in the picture below?)




On to our tour of the battleship Wisconsin.  It helped protect the soldiers on Okinawa during WWII - probably while my father was there.  Thank you, USS Wisconsin!


Now, that's a chain!


A six-gun salute (so to speak).


Kegs used in the guns...

Now this is a teak floor!  Over four acres of teak decking and plugs!


View toward the aft and where the helicopters would land.

These guns are big!

On board in the chapel of the Wisconsin, preacher Ron reflects...

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