Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 25, 2013 Yorktown Harbor & Battlefield



This is the first real 'house boat' we've seen like this one!  Floated pretty well given the water conditions!
Yorktown Fife and Drum Corps performed at one of the battlefields

These were all young high-schoolers, and they put on a terrific performance!

From the battlefield area overlooking the York River

Yorktown Victory Monument - it's impressive!

The head of the statue was knocked off by lightning and was replaced .....

Many early homes dating into the 1600's

The Moore House where the surrender of the British troops was negotiated after the last battle of Yorktown !  America was FREE!

We enjoyed seeing all the brick fences and homes

Michele the Navigator keeps us on 'track' on land and sea!

Lot's of nice walking opportunities.. we chalked up about 6 miles today.....  no wonder our feet hurt!

A local group plays at the church and cemetery... everyone brought chairs and snacks

somehow we always find the old cemetery's... this one is a wonderful resting place

Grace Episcopal Church...built in the 1600's


 Yorktown River Landing Marina - Spirit Journey is just to the left center of the picture but not visible .....

Schooners in the bay!

The town's beaches get a lot of use!  This picture is taken from the flybridge on Spirit Journey.

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