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Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Lookout for the good-lookin' guy!

At the southern tip of The Outer Banks

We did not take the time to walk to the top, but did take the time to walk over to the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.






The walk toward the ocean...

Yes, we dipped our toes in the ocean!  Waters, were of course, warm! a picture we mounted in our boat reads "you can't cross the sea by staring at the water" so that's one reason why we're on this Great Loop journey!


Not only toes are wet, but socks, shoes, pants...

Lighthouse view from the ocean side...

The former lightkeepers' home is now a museum.

The heat and high humidity can get to us after a while.

View of the bight where we are anchored from the island; swimmers bring their boats up to near shore, hop off and swim and play.





Dusk starting to settle in...good evening, everyone!


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