Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 6th, 3013 Ocracoke Harbor I

Silver Lake, Ocracoke, Outer Banks - fellow Krogen owners took this picture of us getting into our dinghy to go ashore.  (Fortunately, they didn't capture the less-than-graceful boarding I accomplished that day but it was worthy of some belly laughs!)

Yes, we bought a National Parks Passport book, and have strived to get it stamped as we venture around.

British soldiers' cemetery - to salute those who served in His Majesty's service...but died on foreign lands.


In Ocracoke, we rented a golf cart and took her for a spin on the roads covering the entire town.

Two "points of light"!

Driving the golf cart in order to get my 'driving fix'!

With one of the Ocracoke Ferries in the background. 

She has taken on us an incredible journey to date...


Ocracoke Lighthouse

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