Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 16 - 17 Chesapeake and Norfolk

We were delighted to meet Bill and Heather's good friends, Paula and Brock, who are currently 'boat shopping' for their upcoming cruising days!  We'd thank Brock for his service in the U.S. Navy!

Ron and I headed toward Nauticus, an absolutely wonderful museum in downtown Norfolk, on the waterfront.  Lots of interesting exhibits, as well as a Naval Museum - we enjoyed it so much we went back a second time!

A view of the Norfolk harbor area, from a deck at Nauticus.

Checkin' out another 'flying machine' at Nauticus.

From the Naval Museum

An anchor outside Nauticus

An overcast night tied-up at Atlantic Yacht Basin.  Sunsets have been skies at night.

More barge traffic passes by.

Can you guess that Ron just loves taking her picture?


The AYB Marina is next to "Great Bridge" the site of a significant Revolutionary War battle.

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