Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Good morning...up and going!



A few whitecaps






Getting closer to Mile 1!





Aunt Dorothy, I just KNOW you'd love the fresh shrimp!


Fishin' on the dock of the bay/river





Continuing north...we're just about getting the hang of all these markers!

Crab pot markers too!






Anchored in Belhaven Waterway Marina for the next few weeks while we scoot up to Michigan.  Good friend, Bill Caillet, picked us up and gave us a grand tour of the local area on the way to Virginia Beach.  This church and cemetery in the town of Bath, NC.

Where Bill and his wife, Heather, dock their boat!  (Bill and Heather own the famous Virginia Beach Woodcraft store!)

Near Washington, NC

Ah yes...a preview of "The Dismal Swamp" -

The terrific guide, Bill, and me...near the "Swamp"

The Swamp's "bridge"

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