Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 28, 2013 Jamestown

Scenes from Historic Jamestown's of the U.S.'s first permanent settlement.

Capt. John Smith walked these grounds, as well as many other courageous new settlers from England.

Hmmmm...I guess you could state that 'taxes' began well as representative government.

The James Fort's church.  The original one burned down, and only the original tower, built in 1680, remained.  The church your see here is a replica of the original, and built in 1907.

Statue of Pocahontas.  Did you know she died in England?  She was kidnapped, married to an Englishman, John Rolfe, and baptized in the Christian faith as Rebecca.

Inside 'walls' of the fort.

Fort layout.


Two great captains:  Captain Ron posing with Captain Smith. 

Pure simplicity...inside the fort's church.

The 'spot' for the first Virginia House of Burgesses.


Inside the visitor center at Jamestown Settlement.... what a great display and chronology of America's history

We made two days at Jamestown.... there was just too much to take in... this is the entry to the visitor center.


Interior shots of the Thomas Nelson , Jr. home - still an original (albeit furnishings are not original).  Mr. Nelson was a signer of the Declaration of Independence on behalf of Virginia, and was Governor of Virginia the time of the siege of Yorktown.

Original floors, walls, etc., only the paint has been freshened.

Exquisite woodwork moldings... 

It was noted that the Nelson children were tutored at home by a  Dr. Jacob Hall! 

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