Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 21, 2013 - The Mariners Museum in Newport News

Ron is off to the national Mariners' Museum in Newport News - he loved it and will have to go back when he can spend more time!

All kinds of extremely detailed ships' models...amazing workmanship!


this model room was filled with extremely detailed ships from early, early to the 20th century...

Some of the tools used to make the incredible ship models...

the small model section was the best I've ever seen...

one of the last oil burning lamps, this one was from the Cape Charles Lighthouse on the Chesapeake

A visit to the famous Virginia Beach Woodcraft store!  (Bill and Heather were away, so we had to check up on the crew  ;-) .)  What a great store - three classrooms!!  We picked up some great ideas for the Seattle Store!

Bill and Heather joined us on Spirit Journey for a lovely evening!

Yes, it's a repeat - but I wanted to take this one home.... but couldn't find a flatbed truck and crane!

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