Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - Broad Creek, NC

Said good-bye to the 'hook' and the U.S. Coast Guard anchored nearby, and on our way north again...

Smoother seas than when first crossed...

Notice our AGLCA flag?
America Great Loop Cruisers
Shrimpers...only they never threw any of their catch overboard onto our boat.  :-( 





We've thoroughly enjoyed the dolphins that play near the boat!  Saw many of them today!



When the shrimpers do throw some catch overboard, the seagulls flock to the scene.  You'll feel like your in "The Birds" movie in a way!

Lots of seafood out there!

Barge traffic to watch out for!


Returning northbound to the Beaufort, NC/Morehead City area.

Along the way...

Scenery along the way





Mile 175...not too far to go!!



Tonight's anchorage spot, Broad Creek, NC

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